Who Is

Dar Holdsworth?

My dad says my life story could be a book...

I bet you have a pretty interesting story too.

dar holdsworth

Hi, I'm Dar

Husband | Father | Entrepreneur

• Married to this lovely lady

• 3 amazing kids navigating their way through life

• A dog "Luna" who thinks she's human

• Own & operate SaaS & Coaching businesses

My Story (looking backwards)

the HighLevel guy

HighLevel has changed my life and the lives many others. It's had such an impact on me that I'm committed to teaching others how to use GHL to improve their lives too. I'm honored to have permission (in a community of over 60,000 users) to use and be... "the HighLevel guy". Thank you Shaun, Robin, Varun, and the entire HighLevel team.

Prolific SaaS

I started Prolific SaaS to help others who want to create predictable monthly recurring revenue using HighLevel. I've taught hundreds of people just like you how to use GHL effectively. I coach & mentor people wanting to grow & scale their SaaS businesses like I've done.

Chiro Dominance

I partnered with my friend & chiropractor to provide an offer for chiropractors. Through the advice of Robin Alex, I built a SaaS solution (before GHL had a SaaS Pro plan). We've served hundreds of clients and have learned a lot of lessons through the years, becoming an expert at GHL, SaaS, and having won HighLevel's coveted SaaSpreneur Award.


A few month into the Covid pandemic, I partnered with a talented friend to make & sell face masks online. I built a landing page & funnel, and started running ads. We sold over $100k in product in 5 weeks.

Started my digital journey at age 50

I got curious about how to sell my motorcycle parts online. I purchased "Dotcom Secrets", got a Clickfunnels account, enrolled in courses and learned how to build funnels. I was making progress... Then Covid hit.

Started a Custom Motorcycle Company

I transitioned my hobby of building custom motorcycles into a business that built bikes for customers all over the world, including celebrities & major brands. We won the World Championships of Custom Production Motorcycle Building twice, have a bike in the Peterson Museum, as well as other notable awards. We supported veteran charities including being honored to build a bike representing the US Navy in Washington D.C. However, it was a challenging business to keep going. I had to get a full-time job for a few years to save our home and our business, which I transitioning into designing & selling custom motorcycle parts for Harley's. My curiosity into the online digital space was intensifying.

Started my first company at age 30

After working my way up the business ladder in the visual merchandising industry, I went out on my own when my first son was born. My business grew to multi-7 figures year over year, but ultimately closed due to unfortunate circumstances. My largest customer filed bankruptcy, sinking my business while I was distracted and complacent. Hard lessons learned.

University of Central Oklahoma

While in the USAF I attended college in the evenings. After graduating Rose State College, I pursued a Marketing degree at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Served in the US Air Force

Joined after high school. I was military police, on an EST (anti-terrorist team) and fought in the gulf war.

In an orphanage my early years

Adopted by the best parents in the world at age 16

Hover Over Pics

The House That SaaS Built

We lived in our previous home for 18 years and at one point almost lost it, which was a wake-up call.

I committed to learning & implementing SaaS with HighLevel. Quality of life has significantly increased, including building our new custom home!

The Car That HighLevel Bought

After surpassing 100 SaaS clients, I decided to help others from my experiences. I offer coaching, courses & my snapshots when someone upgrades their GHL account using my affiliate link.

The awesome team at HighLevel, bought me a car!